Child Wrong

Cowering in the afterglow of nuclear fear, a child – progeny of Western scientific democracy in the most egalitarian of lands – keenly anticipated twenty-first century utopia.

Youthful optimism believed one more lifespan (his own) would complete a work begun when modern humans gasped in awe at the beauty of their first dawn.

Our eyes are the eyes through which the Earth finally beholds her own beauty” – Teilhard de Chardin

Well, here we are!

Despite the vast, intelligent, resilient, infinitely patient grazing herd’s signaled desire to be left alone in their civilizing quest, the planet is still servant to besuited crime lords, illiterate holy men, moral and political imbeciles, and opinionated ideologues, playing their selfish brutal games.

Lacking a cape and the ability to fly unaided, one can but poke fun at the morally bereft creatures that corrupt our lives.

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