On Not Shedding a Tear

What in the human condition blinds you to stumbling weakened neighbors fading beneath your overladen dinner table?

Here we stand, a species stubbornly enigmatic, gluttony unattenuated in paucity’s face.

And what passes for deep self-honesty on this glittering blue-green globe would earn derision in the cosmos’ lesser garrisons.

One can only gaze sombrely at images of human disparity fornenst.

What sapient creatures are so unwilling to feel empathy, or concede every acquisitive grasp resounds through the planet’s shimmering curve to leech sustenance from the impoverished.

As my childhood view of the world dissolved, our bestiality uncloaked to ghasted disbelief. Greed, avarice, and callous indifference lurks behind our daily cheer. In this disquieting mix we stand like beasts bereft of choice, or even self-awareness.

At the simplest personal level, except a few praiseworthy, all shirk the simple act of sharing with others more destitute. Minds so dishonest they dismiss charity, blame victims, and never concede a link from their own vileness to the suffering wretched.

Organisations governmental and corporate embody greed as creed, inculcating a falsity that economics trumps compassion. We, the alleged managers, mysteriously sculpted these two primary tools of social progress as mindless masters to which in cowardice we acquiesce.

Decade after century of corrupt and craven creatures crawl from cess pits of social decay to perpetuate the stench that passes for civilization on Earth. Yet, at this horror they arrived innocent.

And still, armaments, inordinate luxury, and criminal waste starve our faltering progress.

Has education failed us? Should this gross deformity be fed funds to excess, would its flawed directives gain little for its fodder, our young? In more than a century education has gained little of value to offer its charge: children, our future’s only hope.

Unless simple honesty emerges, nothing can keep our offspring from the muddy pen in which we gorge.

What part of avarice do we not understand?

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