Entering the Realm

Paradise in void.
Vibrant life exuberant.
On the razor’s edge.

Powerful magnificence, portentous allure, this telluric jewel ranks wondrous, enduring, endearing.

Starry blackness eclipsed by resplendent blue-green orb.

Arrant hostility, brazen lethality, veiled in naïve gentle paradise of sweetest climes stirred by dazzling turbulence, nurturing replication profuse to species surfeit.

Do they sense surging forces of life, magic, and purpose in their green Gaean garden?

Can ever they, in long sad busy lives, for an instant dream, bechance even muse, their fragile watery shells live the razor’s edge of incredible endless migrations of energy, atoms, molecules, crystalline and protein, fiercely scorching magma flows, intense continental torsion, tenuous gases and atmospheric flow teaming spaceward in icy plumes, winter steams of sweet pure mist … hurtling alone in a chilling, lethal vacuum round the gargantuan globe of gaseous fusion that would strip their wispy blanket of warmth and safety – smiting them and their tiny rock, should a mere butterfly …

Life spans barely a biospheric blink, hypnotized by imperatives trivial, incapable (the capable unwilling) of grasping aeons of evolution – such deft, agile, yet empty minds that could, if they would, conceive and behold entire universes!

Blind to the swirl and stir of time upon species, mitochondria to mammal, virus to vertebrate, protein to progeny.. the awesome intertwining interbreeding integration of feather, scale and fur .. phyla twisting through time as vines symbiote upon branches seeking canopy.. light.. and future.

Oblivious to torrents of virtual life created by them as Gods: data packets and protocols pouring though interminable conduits of ether, copper, glass and laser; effusions of pure form and possibility, data dancing with design, semantics and code begetting myriad cyberverses of unfathomable complexity and unseeable beauty – collateral of witless code-cutters, the veritable infinite keying-monkeys incarnate spawning swarming worlds, bubble-like, infinite.

Superlatives of enormity lie exhausted in those abundant tongues, concept awash with synonym.

Language, their original ancient Internet – the noospheric seedling that exalted them from evolutionary indifference.

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