Meek, Earth, Inheritance

Defenceless creature
Before a thundering herd
The impulse to flee

A delicate form of paranoia - best described as "absolute beginner" or "first incarnation" - increasingly afflicts the introspective meek.

Many intelligent capable souls are thus consoled in their failure to achieve. They suspect their lack of 'street smarts' might (fancifully, they admit) be due to this being the 'first time around in life.'

How else to explain the confident success of others highlighting one's own abject cluelessness?

Sadly these submissives are ensnared in an intellectual wet paper bag: measuring progress on a faulty scale. These sad souls have learned to yield easily, having suffered deadlock and failure since childhood.

However, dealing with lifelong failure can create an intellectual resilience. On the other side, the overly capable might lack the many lessons of defeat. Success breeds repetition, and lording it over minions (as others become, in their consideration) might encourage brusqueness. Ergo, brutal people, brittle personalities, so to speak.

Meanwhile, our clueless first-timers, "the meek," will indulge lateral intellectual pursuits. Like pioneers or invaders of the old physical world, they explore Cyber frontiers and sift technological rivers, gaining myriad strategies for as yet unrealized purpose.

The meek might indeed inherit the Earth. (Were time what it seemed, I dearly want to know if the Christian messiah truly said that! Perhaps enough simulations in humanity's hereafter will tell.)

Pundits, tongue in cheek, claim a prescient typo: "the geek will inherit the earth." 

Meek have always manoeuvred behind the scenes. As brave heart wielded his sword, the more audacious meek wielded whispers in the ears of kings.

At first simply they filled the boots of armies and took arrows for their generals. But the meek tasted power when technology handed them the gun, a missile button - and most powerful of all, a keyboard.

Before long the meek will effect power via the Internet akin to nuclear weapons. Your computers already falter in the fallout of rudimentary arms testing.

Cyber weapons to destroy a nation's infrastructure reside in the hands of the kid next door. Pray he is not morally feeble.

For my Wise and Generous Guardians, to creatures of the Blue Planet

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