Ship of Fools

Can This civilisation stay afloat?

Vessel under sail.
Festivity unrestrained.
A reef lies ahead.

Why cannot a planet of such fertile hope stay apace with technology’s promise?

Cultures and beliefs lie suffocating beneath a swath of ignorance pinning your potential to the deck of this foundering vessel of civilization - a ship with innumerable captains and no navigator.

Humankind plots its course by observing its wake. At least it would, were anyone at the helm.

Within this floating palace of squander the most important debate of the era passes unnoticed by all but a tiny concerned fringe of humanity: the distribution of wealth.

While the great dispossessed struggle in perplexingly obeisant survival, a criminal wealthy minority selfishly embrace greed, their absurdly vain lives stained by failure to leverage power for others' wellbeing.

Was it not always so?

Blinded by the pace of technology, believing it is doing your bidding, and sadly accepting social inequity as the inevitable way of things, the "ball is now dropped." Unless wealth is distributed, violence and corruption eliminated, and unless that ninety percent of the population - that neither knows nor cares which way is up - is brought into the effort, and motivated by intellectual vigour, your future will be a false victory and an immoral success. A corroded, rotten, and defective prize beneath a shiny surface.

In this condition your future, like any technology so based, is flawed goods destined to fail.

Your planet truly is that faltering ship in perilous seas.

Second-class passengers wring existence in the bilge and desperately tend a corroding hull. The crew busily attend to the upper class passengers incessant demands as they party on. Ignored by all, the deck tilts.

I’m having a "half-empty" day, disappointed I suppose to find so many people missing the magnificence of Universal overview. Lives poorer than need be, sadly empty and criminally wasted.

This series of Blue Planet letters are addressed to my Revered Tutors, from their humble disciple.

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