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What is Copyright?

Copyright is automatic ownership granted by international law to creators of original work, such as art, literature, music, photography, etc.

Copyright automatically applies to written and artistic works from the moment they’re created. A content creator doesn’t have to ‘do’ anything to obtain copyright.

Read more about copyright – especially myths about it – at this website

Reusing our content

Articles (content)

SheepOverboard grants permission to reprint articles under the CC licence with attribution (such as “Reprinted with permission from…” or “The original article appeared at… ”NewcastleOnHunter.com ~ and a clearly marked link back to either the original or to our home page.

An exception to reprints are press releases from non-government sources, or already reprinted items, such as those from The Conversation or universities, who require both attribution and additional code embedded in the article as specified in their terms of use.


SheepOverboard images are, in general, NOT reusable. But many can be sourced from their original repositories. 

  • Artworks by Angel Boligan ~ These are licensed from Cagle Cartoons for single use by SheepOverboard. If you wish to use such works on your site, blog, etc., you must purchase a licence from Cagle's Political Cartoons site.
  • Artworks by Michael Leunig ~ These are in the public domain. While you may directly lift an image, do NOT hotlink to our copy. Copy the image off the page if you must, and paste if via download and upload to your website or blog, etc. Be sure to attribute Leunig by, at the very least, an acknowledgment, but preferably a link to his website
  • Generic photos or graphics ~ readily obtained from sites such as Pixabay. Please do NOT hotlink to our copies - they might not be Pixabay's, for example, but might be SheepOverboard's own copyrighted works. Look for that watermark. And anyway, at the very least, download the image and upload to your website or blog. Our reusable images contain ‘SheepOverboard’ or “NoH” watermark.
  • Abstract art ~ The varied abstract artworks accompanying articles are almost all generated by online  artificial text-to-image transformers. Ours are low-resolution versions that were licence-free. They can be sourced from various websites. You'll find a good listing here

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