Habergeon to HZ

habergeon   ˈhæbədʒən   noun 

A sleeveless coat of chain mail armour.
Etym: Middle English from Old French haubergeon. See also hauberk.

Lexinote: Not very fashionable form of mediaevaL Kevlar vest. Largely ineffective against arrows and spears but great for avoiding gravel rash while being dragged by the stirrup towards enemy lines.

Technically, 19th century Australian outlaw Ned Kelly's crude ironware could be considered this. No blame accrues to Ned for not taking the trouble to weave his bodice from a nearby fence. Even were local enclosures to be found using wire rather than brushwood, Number 8 is an absolute bugger to work with.

HZ Holden    ˈhoʊldən  

Vehicle made by General Motors-Holden, an Australian subsidiary of US General Motors, from 1977 to 1980.

Lexinote: This entry owes itself to urLex's fondness for these venerable and primitive old rustbuckets. 

The HZ holden was (aside from the W-series - not a real car) notionally and effectively the final "Kingswood" - flagship of the fifth and final generation of Australian-designed Holdens. Known for its American-inspired styling and "cadillac-esque" lines, the HZ was a marvel of primitive engineering veneered with good looks. Sometimes it even steered where it was pointed.

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