Jab to Juxtapose

 jab   dʒæb   verb transitive 

Colloq. a hypodermic injection, especially a vaccination.

Lexinote: As this entry was compiled in the 4th year of the great Covid pandemic of the 21st century's second decade, YrLex is quite sick of hearing this word. It's an ugly word to both ear and eye, more so when used by either a medical professional or a journalist. Non-medical publicists writing for health websites and brochures are enamoured of it. Consequently we have all forgotten how to spell vaksinayshun.

juxtapose  ˌdʒʌkstəˈpoʊz   verb transitive

Place (things) side by side.
Etym: French juxtaposer from Latin juxta ‘next’: see pose.
Usage: The flaw in politics is readily seen by juxtaposing party leaders and discovering they are the same politician. 

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