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Parliament ˈpɑ:ləm(ə)nt  noun

The legislature of a country under the British system.
A forum wherein representatives vie for the interests of their donors ahead of the interests of their electors.
A voluntary prison whose criminal inmates are free to come and go as they please.
A preparatory school for corporate lobbyists.

PBX abbrev. 

Private branch exchange, aka a telephone switchboard.
Lexinote: An archaic device largely replaced by cell/mobile/smart phones.

Platypus ˈplætəpʊs noun Plural -podes

A semiaquatic, egg-laying mammal endemic to eastern Australia. Like all malevolent Australian fauna, it delivers venom when handled with insufficient affection. 

First samples returned to Old Blighty by Capt. John Hunter were considered a hoax, that a duck's beak had been sown onto a beaver-like creature. To this day most members of the Royal Society consider the platypus some sort of joke, much as they view Australians generally.

Were the platypus a politician elected to parliament, it could legitimately represent a record number of minorities without being accused of cultural or racial appropriation.

politician   po-lu-ti-shun   noun

A person in government who makes or changes the laws of a state or nation. 

Lexinote: "Politicians are thought of as selfish, manipulative, dishonest, incompetent, and corrupt, rather than working for the general public good." ~ Arnold J. Heidenheimer and Michael Johnston, eds. Political corruption: Concepts and contexts (2011).

Politics is applied game theory between opposing interests in local, state, national, or global government (the latter being diplomacy)

It is famously said that the best politician is a narcissist; that the most desirable qualities electors seek in a representative are ones that she or he must jettison in order to win office.

Present ˈprezənt noun. [prec. by the]

The moment in which you exist, at a rate of one second per second.
Not much is known, other than its passage leads to death. Of everything. 

A rule of thumb is to get as much done in the present as possible, as nothing has ever been achieved outside of it.

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