-ia to ixnay

IA   abbreviation

For: Institute of Actuaries; Iowa.

-ia   ɪə   suffix

Lexinote: One might reasonably consider Iowa as a suffix to the Union, for which it paid an exorbitant price. 

ixnay   ˈɪksneɪ    interjection & verb.   US slang

interjection: ixnay on, ixnay to, expr. rejection of something.  
verb trans: Cancel or stop. 
Pig Latin for nix interjection

Lexinote: A pig Latin word considered a real word by Yr Lex's card-carrying professional 'colleagues' (if I may be so bold). One of two, so far, they've summoned the courage to submit to editorial boards - or smuggle past them into print. The other being "amscray," meaning "to bugger off." Well done, all. Only several thousand to go.

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