Kabana to KY

kabana   kəˈba:nə   (also cabana)  noun

Thick and rather spicy smoked sausage, usually served cold. Ideal for revenge.

Etym: From Polish kabanos: ‘a type of sausage’

KY   keɪ wʌɪ  noun

A brand of lubricant immortalised by the approaching turn of the 20th century.

Lexinote: In 1999 there was widespread concern with what might happen when computer date fields - that commonly allowed for only two digits in programs - changed from 99 to 00. This coding shortcut was termed the "Y2K bug." Y2K being an acronym for Year 2000.

Computer staff - faced with the task of forestalling a potential apocalypse - proffered a joke to lessen the panic, which spread industry-wide: "How do you fit four digits in your date? Use Y2KY."

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