And Those Sheep

Biblical times dwell upon shepherds and flocks, man and sheep.

In their eyes, beyond language, sheep evince deep admiration and devotion to their companion species mankind, considered a great and powerful friend.

Personkind, in requite, displays equal adoration, though crueler observers suggest mans’ eyes reflect appetite more than affection.

Dogs rate mention only for being asleep at the wheel.

Our ovine colleagues cunningly presented as “underdog” allowing canines to flock them, a strategy that bested the cur, whose obeisance emotionally demoted it to foot warming lapdogs in a one-sided relationship with humans.

Especially that blue mongrel called Curley .. but I digress.

When animal intelligence studies are resolved and the minds of beasts lay revealed, ovines will emerge far beyond overrated simians, dolphins and whales as incisive, empathic intellects – more than an equal to this upright mammal.

Sheep may not be man’s best friend but they are among his tastiest.

This page would not be complete without mentioning the loss of our revered Dolly the cloned sheep who sadly passed on to the big shearing shed and cafeteria in the sky. Words eloquently befitting this brave heroine of lanolin cannot adequately offer fine memorial and celebration of her short duplication on this grassy knoll Earth.

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