Carnival of Chaos

Seven billion minds
Infinitude of folly
Providence declines

My excitement with this civilization is fading. I am at a low ebb, born of frustration.

I am perplexed and sombre at the dead weight of social turbulence masquerading as ‘healthy creativity’- at seven billion distinct opinions on simply anything.

No matter the apposite of each idea or theory, my trust in the scholar’s rigor and honesty is immediately confounded by an equally fervent proposal in the opposite.

Ad nauseam, wearisome.

The only consensus amongst you is consensual blindness.

Gracious Forgiving Patrons, these beings thrive on turmoil and conflict almost to the exclusion of knowledge - except where it serves as vehicle for disagreement. When the meal is mental they excoriate for entrada, malign for main, and denounce for dessert. Cherished Tutors, forgive me. Again, it is a half-empty day.

Parading nobly as natural independence of thought (proclaimed ‘rigorous, vigorous evolution of ideas’), the endless debacle comprises little more than civilization’s squandered effort, rampant intellectual and personal dishonesty, devastation of truth, and spiritual poverty - compounding centuries of social corrosion.

Additional to crippling the growth of knowledge, this tediously interminable frictional dissidence is a failing flailing of self-deceit, a consensus-deception that envelops all advanced societies in order to distract themselves from the blinding obvious.

The small percentage of ‘haves’ consume blithely. The majority, ‘have-nots’, play the perfect victim. All know the truth but none choose to concede it - even, especially, to themselves.

Salvation for the starving, the oppressed, the dispossessed, is a mere flicker of recognition removed from their predictable, repetitive, barely-conscious daily mental meander - an activity loosely analogous to thought.

If all were to embrace the truth, to simply tumble to the obvious - together, in unison - their forlorn world would change forever.

Should a flatworm fail to learn a maze, researchers would stagger in disbelief. Yet 7000 million keenly intelligent souls, the sharpest lot this side of Andromeda, cannot fathom a path far simpler. And one so recently trodden by themselves!

Every creature sharing these moist jungles, timeless green oceans, and searing deserts bear blazoned beneath their psyche the pure essence of evolutionary victory: cooperation, honesty, innocence and bright-eyed burning curiosity.

This priceless fragile gift of vicissitude lies tragically trampled beneath clouded, convoluted cognizance of a fine but floundering species.

The dawn of consciousness of this wandering simian simile was deftly stolen by their loss of innocence a mere two millennia ago.

Prophet upon messiah tried leading the masses from enslavement of deluded intellect. All effort of these altruistic great humans was coerced to entrench religious hierarchies’ relentless grip on the throat of enlightenment.

They almost saw the light when Jesus taught. Buddha and Mohammed nearly woke their perennial cum millennial waking sleep.

Today the elite, ironically more than ever, grow infatuated by power and possession despite personal wealth vastly exceeding former kings, czars and Caesars. They are still viciously, vilely, with penultimate selfish gluttony, clutching even more from the mouths of hopeless, hapless inferiors upon whom they graze.

The entirety of ‘haves’, all inhabitants of this gleaming globe who fall asleep with sated appetites, play self-obsessed in the light of their own brilliance.

In the shadows of these wanton struggle the wanting.

So the corruption of intellect proceeds.

Lesser beings, without power, who oil the exploitation, live a lie; their desperate falsification blocks an unbearable guilt.

Aspiring power mongers (from academia to administration) sow deceit and dissent, muddying the dreams of pure-minded youthful altruism.

Finally we have power wielders. Which leader alive today has been honest? Which of them acknowledge the simple choice to think the obvious? Who has tried and been stifled, muzzled, coerced, threatened, or outsmarted by crime lord, bureaucracy, or military?

Of those now dead, who were murdered by their own bigoted populace as traitors for daring honesty before nation?

Kind Patrons, this "soap box" has a beguiling appeal, but also a dark side! And a bitter taste.
These letters are about, sometimes to, the creatures of the Blue Planet.

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