Gangs Terrorise Largs Bay Locals

The Gadfly went for a mix at Largs Bay on Tuesday night of last week with his sisters, collective aunts, and others, the party totalling up to five strong.

The Gadfly and its family went along the beach towards the Out-and-outer Harbour, undressed, and put its toe in the water. The writer was just teaching his aunt to swim when some half a dozen boys, ranging from fifteen to twenty annums undressed and plunged into the water, much to The Gadfly’s collective aunts’, sisters’, and others’ horror.

The boys amused themselves by pulling the eldest aunt’s toes, and this annoyed the present writer considerably, and he looked quite hard at the leg-pullers. We begged them to go away, but they said they would if we gave them six pence each. Not being affluent, The Gadfly’s special reporter said he’d sooner give them in charge.

It appears that these louts make it a practice of disturbing mixed bathers in this way, and get money out of them.

Will the policemen in charge of the district please keep an eye on the mob of boys that hangs about the Largs Bay Jetty?

The hooligans need it.

From The Gadfly 7 March 1906 ~ courtesy National Archives Australia

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