To Each Their Own

Each lives a private reality.

Lives lost in theatre.
Portraying all roles but one.
Never playing me.

Ten children born each four seconds.

 Seven thousand millions struggle for food and shelter - and sanity, and meaning.

A sanity protected by some ‘world view’ - a personal model of existence constructed in childhood - carries your fragile ’selves’ safely through a forest of psychological traumas and horrors to the grave.

Each in their own way.

Intellectuals hide in academia and science, nobly, altruistically, pursuing poorly-paid pastimes.

Perceptives master the media and arts, preparing, then proffering, visual phantasms or aural opiates to replace or enhance religious and chemical rivals.

Agile alphas parade physical prowess endlessly in and on this "media."

The sensitive, alone, bravely confront the bruising throng of the clasping herd.

Madness as emotional, intellectual, or idiot savant must espy the world as raw unstitched data.

The ordinary, those great masses of walking working dead, recoil instinctively from the terror intrinsic to living - and bury the revealment in repetitive toil and relentless diversion.

Finally, imbeciles, social or moral, oil and fuel to those evil twins of commerce and crime, leashing cynical henchmen of political and financial monocrat. These souls question plight of neither victim nor planet, unable to confront the gaping void of their inconsolably lonely, tormented souls.

At the top of the social food chain, generic to all known civilizations through time, but rampant on this windy misty green globe, reside the "rich and powerful".

At first glance, seemingly without childhood constructs, they appear to have skipped infancy, conceived as fully mature doing deals from the womb!

Bemused by the inefficacy of education, these unremitting future barons of commerce stride the schoolyard impatient for their first buck. Their future servants, fledgling politicians, innately coddle the student horde, seeing pupillage a mere stage to practice dominance before easing naturally into the mutually exclusive manipulation of the people for the money.

Though the die is cast early, it is astonishing to watch the corruption of the powerful as they strike alliances with the devil at such tender age.

For my Wise and Generous Teachers
Addressed to creatures of the Blue Planet
With Respect and Love
Your Beloved Student
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