Rabbi to Ryebuck

racism  ˈreɪsɪzəm  noun

Also: racialism
Orig: The theory that distinctive human characteristics and abilities are determined by race.
Modern usage: Belief in the superiority of a particular human race. 

Lexinote: Racism can be an exhibit of hostility, derision, dislike, or hatred of foreigners by any indigenous population. Xenophobia encompasses racism and is equally pervasive, but a term rarely used even when more apt.

Some assert that racism is a form of control, and dispute its definition. Much as history is "written by victors," racialism is defined in "western" dictionaries in neutral language, to suggest universal behaviour. And yet it always and only benefits one particular race, for whom it is inherently about power, control, and oppression (of black, indigenous, and people of colour) by the white European race. This is well demonstrated by the history of colonialism. It then follows that "racism" without power (by non-Europeans) is but individual prejudice. See previous. 

Racists are readily distinguished by their incognizance of the movements and interbreeding of Earth's populations in the past 100,000 years, and a quaint belief that none of their ancestors has ever coupled with a person of differing race. 

In Australia, despite universal denial, racism is a particularly cherished notion. 

rich  ~  adjective, noun, & adverb  (the rich have it all!)

Material wealth.

Noun: The rich, a class of wealthy people.
Adjective: Riches possessed by the rich.
Adverb: Riches the rich so richly deserve.

Lexinote: We are concerned here only with the moneyed class. An unprovable theory of economics posits that if the world's fortunes were distributed equally to all by decree, within a year the rich will have reacquired all their money. As demonstrated in microcosm by the fortunes of lottery winners.

rubbish  ˈrʌbɪʃ   noun & adjective

Worthless material, waste, useless matter of any kind.

Lexinote: In everyday households, rubbish is waste material placed in bins, collected, taken to bird sanctuaries as landfill. When those are fully reclaimed, material that cannot be further distributed locally is shipped to poorer countries where it is collated by children at open-air sortation facilities.

In households where waste is handled by paid staff, "rubbish" refers to residents of everyday households.

ryebuck  ~  Aust. colloq.  adjective

Good, excellent, (Int. expressing agreement).

Lexinote: From a cricket match report in 1895 - "The shandygaff department was managed by the shire secretary assisted by local battlers, and our local umpire says it was ryebuck." Which now demands an entry for 'shandygaff' - in the context of cricket performance, not drink-mixing.

Etym: 19th c.: origin uncertain; perhaps from German Reibach?

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