Z ~ Za to Zygite

Zoo zu: noun  

An establishment where unemployed animals live on welfare. To schoolchildren, a place where monkeys masturbate unashamedly and probably too often.

Zoo- ˈzoʊə, zu:

Combining form, as follows:
Zoologize: Seek animals for "zoological" purposes. 
Zoom: A camera lens invented specifically for photographing dangerous animals.
Zoomorph: Representation of an animal form in decorative art or symbolism. Such as a dress and bonnet clad Chichuachua, reposeful in a perambulator. 
Zoon politikon: What you're thinking.
Zoophile: Lover of animals. Platonic, of course.
Zoophilia: Not so platonic.
Zoophyte: Any of various sessile invertebrate animals that resemble plants. Certain lazy and unproductive young men, for example, are referred to as "vegetables."
Zootonomy: Butchery ennobled.

There's something you should know about... zygite

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