Vacillate to Vulgate

vacuum tube   ˈvækju:m tju:b   comb. noun

A metal or glass envelope from which air is removed to create a vacuum, and contains electrodes, one of which might operate at temperatures that would oxidise it in the presence of air (oxygen).

Lexinote: Surprising factoid ~ almost the entirety of human civilisation has neither heard of a 'vacuum tube' nor could provide an example. Despite almost the entirety of 20th century human civilisation using a light switch to turn one on.

The term is more commonly applied to devices used in electronics, and which have at least one other electrode in addition to the filament.

Victim  ˈvɪktəm  noun

A person who has committed an offence and complains that the law unfairly targets criminals.
One who assaults another, then claims reparations for being accused of assault.
A corporation for whom the government has yet to enact legislation to penalise its wronged customers.

vomitous   ˈvɒmɪtəs  adjective   

Able to make a person vomit. Disgusting. Nauseating. 

Lexinote: Dictionaries ascribe the word the the US, and it is not included in some non-US English versions.
The superlative "most vomitous" might be derived from a Bill and Ted movie.
It has been established that Vomitorium is unrelated to the chambers of government.
Vomition can find usage as 'permission to vomit.'
It is ill-advised to eat any food that contains nux vomica. 

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