Western Australia   abbrev. WA

A state comprising the western third of Australia. In the opinion of the other two thirds, predominately a state of mind.

If not for a 19th century gold rush and a 20th century iron ore rush, it would be famous only for its "fleas, flies, and sand."  As a writer complained to the editor of the Western Australian Times in 1875, "Why is West Australia a by word for other countries, the sluggard, the sand groper, not inaptly considered by some, the last place in the creation for civilized man?"

The "sluggards" finally chose to brandish the derogation "sand groper" as a badge of courage. What else could they do?

WA has spent the last century and a bit trying to secede, and they couldn't even succeed at that, despite a 1933 referendum in which 68% of them wanted to - as did 100% of the rest of us, so as not to hear any more complaining from across the Nullabor.

Watjin wa:ˈdʒɪn (also waatgin, wijen, wodgin) noun Etym: alteration of white gin 

In Australian Aboriginal English: A white woman.
"Blekjin: a black woman" is redundant. See 'gin.' Blekjin, for example, would be a white woman in nun's habit.

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