A Dictionary of Modern Australian Notions

What does the average Australian think? Well, mostly we have notions. 

They are formed by osmosis from social media. They're reinforced at the alter of television morning shows - that sublime blend of newstainment, advertorial, and opinionated banter. Meanwhile the workplace marinates us in a HR-approved groupthink.

Your lay lexicographer (urLex, YrLexi, etc) tries, in this wordbook, to knead our opinions, beliefs, and fond misconceptions into a composite of the Australian disposition by facetious manipulation of our fondest utterances that define us as a nation. Words that both reflect and forge a self-deprecating yet proud culture. Proud, like a naive child who thinks he's doing wonders while the other kids snigger behind his back.

1. A "lexinote" describes the notion carried as baggage by a word. 
2. The lexicographer of this 'work' is referred to (in Lexinotes) as "YrLexi" or "ur Lex" 

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